Maintaining Foot Health With Help From A Podiatrist

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Maintaining Foot Health With Help From A Podiatrist

Hello, I'm Miguel Einstein. I am a part time dancer for a theater troupe in my hometown. The level of training required to maintain my flexibility and muscle memory is quite intense. I frequently end up with extremely sore feet from my toes to my heels. As a result, I maintain a close relationship with my podiatrist to stay on top of my foot health. The podiatrist checks my feet for damage caused by the training process. He also makes sure I'm taking proper care of my feet to prevent injuries. My site will discuss the benefits of visiting a podiatrist. I would like to explore all of the tests and procedures used by podiatrists. I hope you will visit my site often. Thank you.

Diabetes And Heel Fissures: How Your Podiatrist Can Help

The heels of your feet take a lot of punishment when you walk and run, which can lead to the formation of heel fissures. These cracks in the skin of your heel can be both unsightly and painful, especially if you have deep fissures that start to bleed. However, heel fissures can be particularly problematic for people who suffer from diabetes. Are Diabetic People More Likely To Develop Heel Fissures? Read More