Maintaining Foot Health With Help From A Podiatrist

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Maintaining Foot Health With Help From A Podiatrist

Hello, I'm Miguel Einstein. I am a part time dancer for a theater troupe in my hometown. The level of training required to maintain my flexibility and muscle memory is quite intense. I frequently end up with extremely sore feet from my toes to my heels. As a result, I maintain a close relationship with my podiatrist to stay on top of my foot health. The podiatrist checks my feet for damage caused by the training process. He also makes sure I'm taking proper care of my feet to prevent injuries. My site will discuss the benefits of visiting a podiatrist. I would like to explore all of the tests and procedures used by podiatrists. I hope you will visit my site often. Thank you.

How To Promote Healing After Total Ankle Replacement Surgery

Your podiatrist may have recommended total ankle replacement if you have a degenerative joint disease such as severe osteoarthritis. You'll need to follow your doctor's post-operative instructions to help ensure that you heal properly after your procedure. Here are some things your foot doctor may recommend to help ensure that you have an uneventful recovery following your podiatric surgery. Limit Movement    After your ankle replacement surgery, you will need to wear a protective boot for up to a couple of months. Read More 

Here’s What You Can Expect When Meeting With Your Orthotics Specialist For The First Time

Are you wondering what your first consultation meeting with an orthotics specialist is going to be like? Here are a few things you can expect. An In-Depth Review One of the first things your orthotics specialist will do when meeting you for the first time is a thorough review of your medical history as well as your current and future needs. They'll want to fully understand any medical conditions or physical ailments that you're facing and that may be connected to your need for an orthosis. Read More 

Protect Your Tootsies: Winter Care For Your Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails can cause quite a bit of pain and discomfort. During the summer months, you can wear sandals or go barefooted to alleviate some of the discomfort. However, those options aren't available to you during the winter months. Unfortunately, that means that your ingrown toenails can get considerably worse when the weather is cold. If you're bothered by ingrown toenails, here are four steps you can take to alleviate the discomfort this winter. Read More 

3 Common But Painful Foot Conditions

Feet are something that most people don't pay attention to until they have a problem with one or both of their feet. Healthy feet are important to doing everything people need to do, and when a problem arises, it can put a giant kink in performing the basic activities of daily living. Here's a look at three common foot issues that bring people to the podiatrist. 1. Athlete's Foot You don't have to be an athlete to get this foot fungus, which thrives in moist, dark, warm environments like sweaty gym shoes and sauna floors. Read More 

Do You Have Plantar Fasciitis? What You Can Do About It

Plantar fasciitis is a pain in the heel that is caused when the stretchy band that connects your heel to your toe becomes inflamed. This can be extremely painful when at rest, although once you get moving throughout the day you may not feel quite as much pain.  Read on for further information about plantar fasciitis and some things you can do at home to improve and treat this condition. Read More